ABCS Weekly Devotional: You Never Know

Devotion written by Mona McDonald, Vice President of Pursue Life Ministries

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men… – Colossians 3:23

Read Exodus 2:1-8, Acts 7:20-22

I am sure the Egyptian princess who fetched a Hebrew baby from the river had no idea just who she would be raising. There were many reasons for the heiress and her Pharaoh father to adopt an Israelite baby, one of the babies he ordered to be killed. One obvious reason is the political reason – he was a boy. Historical records tell us that at this time in Pharaoh’s reign he had no male children, only a daughter who had no husband and no children. Yes, they needed this boy. Need a softer reason? He was beautiful. God says this baby was not ordinary, he was fine, there was something about him that caused her to fall in love immediately. (Couldn’t be God’s presence, could it?).

But wait, why would God choose this Egyptian princess to raise Moses? God doesn’t even tell us her name; maybe because it wasn’t about her? History tells us she went on to reign over the Kingdom. She was a powerful and excellent ruler and the most prolific builder of her time. She provided Moses the best education, in fact, the best of everything the Kingdom could offer him. (He would need these skills in the future when God calls him up a mountain to write for Him.) While definitely a very notable woman, she was remembered in God’s Word only for adopting a Hebrew baby, providing for and raising him well.

However God is using you today, remember, you just never know who you are serving, talking to, caring for, raising, teaching, leading, counseling, fostering, or adopting.