Kandy & JW

“My son and I started attending the parent classes in March, not long before COVID closed everything. I was so

Celebrating a Milestone

New Life Transitional Program’s purpose of cultivating life skills through education, resources and training for individuals committed to improving their

Supporting Seniors

Doris joined Pursue Life Adult Ministry for their Grand Canyon Creation Tour in April. On the tour bus ride up

A Youthful Generosity

  The Bible teaches us much about generosity – God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7), we are to

Unexpected Blessing

Justin and Rebecca* are Arms of Love foster parents who have demonstrated phenomenal shared parenting with the biological parents of

Perfect Timing

The Tucson New Life Pregnancy Center director is in a Bible study with a group of women who were in

Staying Healthy and On-Course

What happens when an already challenging situation collides with the COVID-19 pandemic? For New Life Transitional Program participants, it was

A Road of Learning

Written by an Arms of Love foster dad: “As a dad in foster care, it’s been a road of learning.