Linn’s Legacy

Linn Mathews and his wife Trecie were married for 73 years and left a lasting legacy through their love for children. While they never had children of their own, Linn was one of 10 children who cared well for his siblings and their kids. His sister Vera shares, “All his life he loved children. He loved his sisters, the oldest just older than he and three were the youngest of the 10. There were 26 nieces and nephews. They all have fond memories of him taking them all to the ice cream store in Wichita, KS where he and Trecie lived before moving to Tempe.”

The Mathews moved to Arizona in 1976. They were members of CrossPoinTempe church for 40 years. Linn served on the Building and Grounds Committee and was described as a “handyman extraordinaire” and “a fix it all man.” At 93 years-young Linn helped build out the New Life Pregnancy Center on the church campus. His pastor, Bob Dodridge, recalls the day at age 97 when Linn returned his church keys and said he wouldn’t need them any longer. Linn said that he needed to give more time to caring for Trecie who passed away soon after that. Pastor Bob warmly remembers, “He wasn’t just a ‘good old boy’, he was a ‘good old Christian boy’, a joy to know and work alongside.”

Linn passed away at 102 years old. The Mathews left a generous estate gift to ABCS. They had a burden for children, especially those who needed a family or help. Linn’s sister Vera flew out to personally deliver the check and directed the gift towards foster care and New Life Pregnancy Center. We are beyond grateful for Linn and Trecie and their heart to faithfully serve and give.

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