Celebrating a Milestone

New Life Transitional Program’s purpose of cultivating life skills through education, resources and training for individuals committed to improving their lives and achieving stable, independent living has been beneficial for many. Since 2012, 30 clients have graduated from the program! A one to two-year commitment is required as participants receive Christ-cen­tered mentoring, counseling and life skills. The program seeks to help people see the potential they have to offer the world through the value and purpose God has placed on their lives.

For Adrianne, the New Life Transitional Program based in Tucson helped her from a place of despair to a hopeful, bright future surrounded by individuals who cared about her and desired to see her succeed. “Almost five years ago, I was lost, confused, fearful and contemplating abortion. Pregnant with twins and with two preteens left me speechless. I was ashamed of myself. I did not know how I would raise four children alone. That all changed because of New Life Transitional Program. I was able to redefine my relationship with God in my life and I had a team of ladies to help me in some of the hardest years of my life.” Since graduating from the program, Adrianne has been able to find a new home, career and earned a master’s degree in social work, all while giving her children great love and support.

Desiree and Nick also found the program to be transformational for their family. They began going to New Life Pregnancy Center for resources and parenting classes. They had one young child and a second on the way at this time. At the center, they learned about the New Life Transitional Program. Through life skill classes, Bible studies, counseling and mentoring, Desiree and Nick were drawn closer to God and each other. They recently graduated from the program, bought a new home and now have three children under three whom they love very much. Along with continuing their parenting classes, Desiree and Nick regularly stop by to say hello to the program director and staff.

The transitional program was a confidence and time management builder for Julie. Before coming to the program, Julie experienced a hard childhood, having been placed in over 13 foster homes. She learned to expect the unexpected as she battled internal struggles. For her, the program was “amazing from the start.” Julie believes she has improved her skills in ways she wouldn’t have been able to without the help and guidance she received. The greatest part for Julie was the lasting relationships built with staff and the support from others in the program who helped her realize she was not alone in her challenges. Julie has since graduated from high school and kept steady employment over the past three years while continuing to set goals for her future.

New Life Transitional Program is committed to helping each person grow in their skills and the purpose God has for them. Clients in the program value the trust that is built with staff and peers. Through this trust, lasting relationships are made during their journey from hard­ship to hope.