ABCS Weekly Devotional: Bold Faith

Devotion written by Raquel Williams, Statewide Director New Life Pregnancy Center

Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And the recognized that they had been with Jesus. – Acts 23:13

Read Acts 23

In Acts 23, we see how God is using Peter and John to teach and proclaim the name of Jesus all while facing persecution. As we read this passage, it comes to a point where the council calls them out and asks Peter and John, “By what power or name do you do this?” It is then that Peter and John boldly respond, without hesitation nor fear, as to what further persecution they could face. With boldness, they proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and that salvation is found in him and no one else. At that moment the council recognized that these two ordinary men are true Jesus followers; they had clearly spent time with Jesus as they spoke in boldness the things that they had “seen and heard.”

As we go along our day, week, year, what are the things that we are seeing and hearing? What is our source? Peter and John spent time with Jesus; he was their source. They learned from him and it was clearly recognized that they spent time with Jesus as they spoke boldly when confronted. When people see and interact with me can they recognize that I have spent time with Jesus? Do my life, my words, and actions reflect Christ?

Let us learn from Peter and John’s example. Let us be people of a BOLD faith. Let us delve in God’s word and spend time with Jesus so that we may make him known.