Staying Healthy and On-Course

What happens when an already challenging situation collides with the COVID-19 pandemic? For New Life Transitional Program participants, it was an opportunity to practice their faith in Christ. He is the only one who is able to provide peace in weathering storms. The New Life Transitional Program cultivates life skills through education, resources and training for individuals committed to improving their lives and achieving stable, independent living. These are men and woman dedicated to life change and most have made a commitment to Christ in order to carry that out. Mentoring has been essential during the quarantine as it has helped with the relational and spiritual needs of our participants in a time of isolation. Many of the transitional program participants are single parents, so the weight of caring for their children falls on them alone. Through mentoring, we have been able to help them process the steps of adjusting to a new way of life, all virtually or over the phone! Each participant picked one life skill to improve with guidance from their mentor. One participant shared, “I am coming out of this quarantine with a better understanding of the Bible and my relationship with God has never been stronger.” We are blessed that all of the transitional program participants were able to stay healthy and on course during the past few months. God has always shown Himself to be faithful and that He is worthy to place our faith in even when challenges arise.