Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Kay

Ami “Kay” Brunenkant has been volunteering with ABCS since the fall of 2016 after she attended a Getting to Know Your ABCS event. As one of our key volunteers in Tucson, she is the embodiment of the servant heart with a willingness to jump in wherever needed.

Initially, Kay started working at both the New Life Pregnancy Center and ABCS resource center. At the pregnancy center she began by helping with material assistance (bundles of clothes, diapers and wipes), and was subsequently trained to do peer counseling for clients seeking pregnancy tests. At the resource center, Kay devoted herself to handing out food, hygiene, diapers and clothing resources to struggling families. However, helping women pick out clothes has become the most special time for Kay. She takes the opportunity to ask for prayer requests and then records them in a prayer book, which allows her to follow up at future visits to see how God is answering those prayers.

Over time, Kay expanded her role to help the New Life Transitional Program by teaching classes and mentoring clients. One of her favorite volunteer experiences is to see the same clients utilize multiple ABCS ministries, which gives them more opportunities to be exposed to the Gospel. Kay is a vital part of our team and illustrates how God uses each one of us to make a difference in His unique and purposeful way. We are very grateful for her service.