ABCS Weekly Devotional – Entrusted with Much

We’ve continued to ask different people to tell us about their “why” in their ministry area,
today we hear about Parent Aide from Kayla Walker, parent aide team supervisor.

. . . From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. – Luke 12:48

In Parent Aide, we often find ourselves in situations where we see, hear or feel things that cause pain, anger, frustration or other uncomfortable emotions. For a helping heart, this can be a very confusing role to play. Parent aides often take on the brunt of families’ frustration and anger, and observe the severity of unhealthy family dynamics, yet have the least amount of control or influence on the decision-making process. This can frequently lead a parent aide to ask, “why?” While supporting parent aides through those moments is never easy, I’m reminded of stewardship and the Luke 12 parable of watchfulness. We do not belong to ourselves, nor do the gifts we’ve been entrusted with belong to us to use at our discretion. The lives and stories of the families we serve are special to God and should be handled with care. So I often thank God for using the eyes He gave me to see the hurts of His people. I thank Him for allowing me to hear the stories and feel the pain with His ears and His heart. I ask Him to help me with stewardship of those gifts lest I never take for granted the reason He entrusted me with each conversation and hard story. So then the question shifts from “why Lord?” to “how Lord?” How do I used what you’ve entrusted me to see, hear and feel to bring You glory? That is the responsibility with which we’ve been entrusted.