ABCS Weekly Devotional: Consider the Birds


Devotion written by Debbi Baker, Assistant Director of Foster Care, Maricopa

It is my daily habit to walk my rambunctious lab in the morning and, more recently, to take time to pray and listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting in my heart. One morning, there were so many different types of birds singing that it made me stop in my tracks and listen! At that moment I remembered Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:26 – “Are you not much more valuable than they?” On this particular day, these words meant so much to me. This has been the first time in my life where people are scrambling to get the last package of toilet paper and fighting for hand sanitizer and I was feeling a bit anxious. When the world is spiraling it is easy to join in, but then God gives a gracious and gentle reminder – “Do you hear those birds singing?” They are not worried about provisions or storing things unnecessarily; they are doing what they were created to do! “Don’t you know that you are more valuable to me?” In this unique time, it is important to remember that God has given each of us gifts to use, people to care for, and jobs to complete without fear and trembling, but with joy, faith and songs of worship and praise. He loves and values us and invites us to consider the birds as a reminder of His constant and abundant provision and protection.