A Good Night’s Sleep

Sherri* was worried about her son Bryan*. The two were separated during their case with the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) and had virtual visits an ABCS parent aide multiple times a week. During one of their calls, Bryan* shared with her that he had been having “night dreams” and that he had also been sick. At the end of the visit, the parent aide asked Sherri and Bryan if they wanted to pray. Sherri left the call before giving an answer, but Bryan excitedly responded, “Yes!” The parent aide and Bryan prayed before hanging up. During their visit the next day, Sherri asked Bryan if he had any “night dreams.” Bryan confidently said, “No, we prayed yesterday and Jesus took them away!” Sherri turned her head and wiped away tears that had begun streaming down her face. This time, Sherri joined Bryan and the parent aide as they prayed together again before the end of the visit. Please pray for Sherri and Bryan as they learn about God and the hope He provides in difficult circumstances.