Perfect Timing

The Tucson New Life Pregnancy Center director is in a Bible study with a group of women who were in her abortion recovery Bible study last year. One of the ladies in the study, Marisol*, shared that she was asked to meet a friend and her daughter, Alicia*, for dinner last week. Alicia shared with Marisol that she is pregnant and wanting to have an abortion. Because Marisol has had an abortion, this is a sensitive subject. She asked the Bible study group to pray for Alicia.

A few days after Marisol shared her prayer request, a woman called the pregnancy center and explained to the director that she was standing outside of Planned Parenthood with her daughter. The woman shared that she is pro-life and her daughter is wanting to have an abortion. They planned to have an ultrasound but couldn’t get an appointment until later in the afternoon. The director told the woman that she would love to meet with her and her daughter. Her daughter agreed to come in to the center.  She shared her situation and that she did not want the baby. The director asked the girl if she could share her personal story with her. She shared how she walked through many years of grief following her abortion and how hard it was for her to accept God’s forgiveness. The director also explained the gospel through her testimony. The girl listened intently.

Since she was about seven weeks pregnant, the director showed her the baby model indicating that her baby was about an inch long with arms, legs and facial features. The girl then asked to hold the baby model and said, “I can’t have an abortion, this is a baby.” They prayed together, and before she left, the girl said she was going to keep her appointment with Planned Parenthood that afternoon so she could see the baby on the ultrasound. After her appointment, the girl texted a picture of her baby from the ultrasound. She told the director it was nice to talk with her because she could understand where she was coming from.

Later that week when the director was going over notes, she realized that the girl who came into the center was Alicia, the girl they had been praying for in Bible study. The director was moved to tears as she acknowledged that God is a miracle worker and had orchestrated all of this. We are continually in awe of how God works everything together for the good of His people. Please be in prayer for Alicia and God’s work in her life. *Names changed