Unexpected Blessing

Justin and Rebecca* are Arms of Love foster parents who have demonstrated phenomenal shared parenting with the biological parents of their three-year-old foster son, Kyle*. Rebecca and Justin invited Kyle’s parents, Tracy and Ryan*, to church on Father’s Day and they loved it so much they came back the next week. They shared that they really felt like church, community and Jesus were what was really missing in their family’s life and recovery. Last week, Tracy wrote this in her “sober journal” and shared it with Rebecca:

“I’m so beyond grateful that my son is in a safe and nurturing environment. His foster family may as well be his second set of parents for all they do. [Rebecca] works tirelessly to ensure that [Kyle] is loved and well cared for. He’s always going to the park, playing outside on their farm, attending Sunday school, etc. This situation has been nothing but enriching for him. Through [Justin and Rebecca’s] help, he has been able to make friends with toddlers his age. Not only that, he plays with different animals every day and even learns a sense of responsibility helping out around the farm. Perhaps the best aspect of this whole experience alone is that [Kyle] now has a routine we can carry into our home, when the time permits.”

We are grateful for the way that God is moving in the lives of these families as they grow together for the good of the child they share.