Impact Story: A Heart for the Hurt

This story was written by a Tucson New Life Pregnancy Center Volunteer.

“I began the day by asking God to give me a heart for those who were hurting. I never requested this from God before. He brought three people in that day who were needy and willing to share their hurt. One woman was pregnant and due in two weeks and had nothing for the baby. She had never been to ABCS before. God gave me the time I needed to be with her as no one else came in the center while she was there. I was able to tell her about parenting classes, provide a newborn layette and give her information about other material assistance. She was reluctant to pray the first time I asked, but as we spent more time together, God softened her heart and she let me pray for her. Another new client came in that had relocated from another state. She had five children and needed diapers for her youngest. I asked for her current address and she told me she had been evicted and was living in a hotel at the time. Through the conversation, she also told me about her 12-year-old son who was suspended from school. I was able to pray for her son and the rest of her family along with giving her information about our community resource centers. Lastly, someone came in that was walking on crutches. She shared a sad story about a family member who had caused the injury. God showed me the hurt that so many are experiencing and that we all need Him.”

We are grateful for all of our volunteers who share God’s love with hurting families.